I first started to research this project in autumn 2015, reaching out to some of the organisations in Lambeth that are dealing first hand with the impact of the cuts, so that I could understand more about what they do and the challenges faced by the people they help. 

These first images are from a number of early fact-finding visits to the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank (including a packed Christmas Eve morning), the West Indian Association of Service Personnel’s Remembrance Day events, the South London Refugee Association’s Christmas lunch (where, among other things, I was their official Santa’s Grotto photographer) and at Brixton Advice Centre. 

They reflect the early stage this project is at. At the moment, my focus is more on talking to local people and organisations, rather than taking pictures – getting a better understanding of what’s going on, and learning about some of the different ways in which people have been affected. As the project progresses I hope that my images, interviews and research will begin to offer an insight into how Lambeth and some of its residents have been hit by the cuts. 

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